Wha’gwon Jamaica!

holidays in Jamaica

Always jealous of people who holiday off season, this year we decided to join the club! Jamaica, Jamaica… the land of wood and water was the destination and boy, we had FAB time ya’know! We LOVE our holidays, it’s our thang and since having recently just passed on our aquarium to a close friend we currently have zero commitments.

A whole season ahead of brides talking about exotic honeymoon locations will never take away from the reggae, the rum and the rasta’s that we encountered. The vibe is just so chilled, and why not… life can have its pressures, frustrations, struggles and strives but why worry, every’ting will be irie mon! As the world is becoming smaller so many people are enjoying each others cultures more and isn’t that what life is for, enjoying?!

We stayed on the beautiful west coast in a widely spread beach town called Negril. It features ‘7 mile beach’ (which is actually just over 4 miles long – don’t ask) with beautiful sands, great reefs and super sunsets its a place that tourists can mix with locals rather than being holed up in a luxury resort guarded with security.

As usual the days just flew in and before we knew it we were on a plane back to the UK without having visited half the places we wanted to, though when its a country you love with so much to offer, its a good excuse to visit again.  One love Jamaica!

holidays in Jamaica