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Salthouse Hotel North Coast hideaway in the hills above Ballycastle. Overlooking Fairhead, it feels like the entire world is hidden round the corner. We checked in after Sunday lunch for an amazing 24 hours. Daylight floods through the buildings, open and spacey with a very calm private vibe.

Laid back and casual The Salthouse Hotel North Coast hideaway is set amongst the rolling hills between Ballycastle forest overlooking Rathlin Island, Blackrock Beach and Fair Head. Surrounded by countryside the building is minimal and built into the hillside using it’s position to take advantage of the superb views. The neighbouring cattle and sheep go about their day to day adding that connection with nature. Ground and first floor bedrooms shelter an enclosed landscaped courtyard, partly surrounded with an outdoor hallway and an indoor version. Room decor was gorgeous, ours had complimentary fruit, bubbles and still water with all the soft carpet feels.

Eco-Friendly, it’s not something their shoving down your throat. Sensible changes incorporated into daily routine make a difference. I’m sure the on site windmill must provide enough energy to make them self sufficient. Drinking water comes from a fresh water spring and bottled in glass not plastic bottles. A high tech heating and lighting system guarantees comfort and atmosphere throughout, no matter what the weathers doing outside, especially since glass is the preferred material of choice.

Breakfast, lunch and dinner ticked all the boxes. Window seats can’t be guaranteed but there is no need as each sitting was bathed in beautiful daylight with views from every table. The Salthouse Hotel daily specials are very popular and the main menu has plenty of choice. All our dishes were full of flavour and presentation was first class.


The Salthouse Hotel North Coast hideaway wouldn’t be complete without a spa. It’s one thing having the facilities, it’s another being able to use them for fear of overcrowding. We had it exclusively on Sunday afternoon with a near full house of residents. We could have hit it lucky, I wasn’t complaining. The only thing interrupting my sauna session was the light earthy sound of the rain hitting the ceiling.  Cycling the sauna, steam room and hot tub with an outdoor cold shower in between is what I’m all about. I see where the phrase Coastal Calm at The Salthouse Hotel comes from.


Live music has just kicked off at the weekends with local musicians getting a chance to shine. Fully booked for Sunday lunch, Saturday evenings are much the same so advance booking is heavily advised. Before leaving I learnt it was a family business and was introduced to the owners and their son who all work in the business along with their daughter. I commended them on their staff, each time I’ve visited, the service has been exceptional. It feels like everyone is family, working to make each visitor feel special.

Salthouse Hotel North Coast hideaway Weddings

I looking forward to see what lies ahead for the Salthouse Hotel North Coast hideaway. Of course you already know I asked about the weddings! OMG can you imagine. No plans just yet, though it certainly hasn’t been ruled out for a future project. Just think, the views, the outdoor ceremony backdrops, fresh interior designs just lovely.

I think that’s why i love it so much. Your tucked away, yet still outdoors. No stuffiness, daylight everywhere. Comfortable size, the decor incorporates outdoor elements and the high ceilings let it breath. It was exciting to hear them chat with their interior designer about plans for Christmas, which reminds me, I better get it booked, it’s my turn this year!


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