Tardis voyage to Westeros Wedding!

themed wedding

When Coleraine bride Alison and her fiance Philip decided to get married they wanted to celebrate and mark the occasion incorporating their love of fantasy television, mainly the American drama series Game of Thrones and the science fiction cult series Star Trek, with a little bit of British Doctor Who thrown in for good measure.

I knew it was going to be a fun filled day when I spotted some guests arriving dressed appropriately for the occasion, one couple in particular the gentleman wore a blue Doctor Who tie matching his wife’s hat featuring a miniature Tardis!! With antique brass inkwell and vintage quill pen at the ready the scene was set for Alison’s arrival, wearing a medieval cloak style gown she walked up the aisle with the cloak’s hood pulled up revealing a beautiful forehead tiara and the sound of the harp playing in the background, bliss!

humanist wedding ceremony

wedding at The Marine Hotel Ballycastle

After a humanist hand fasting ceremony guests mingled around the foyer of  The Marine Hotel taking pictures of the newly weds being careful they didnt get sapped by ‘The Doctor’s Sonic Screwdriver Wand’. It was time for us to voyage in the Tardis and make our way to the continent of Westeros where the weapons of choice were a pair of Valyrian Steel swords complete with Direwolf Head and antique brass handles. Philip’s cane wasnt enough to fight off the swordsmen and it was decided Alison, using her archery skills, should shoot an apple of his head with her bow and arrow in order to free her hubby of evil.

Game of Thrones wedding theme Game of Thrones film location

In true fairytale fashion the couple survived and went on to live happily ever after, sitting proud on their thrones they were both able to have their cake and eat it…. ” i love you ” Alison said ” i know ” replied Philip.

Wedding Cake with Doctor Who theme

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