Real life brides wearing locally sourced dresses.

bridal gown styles

Standing on a podium looking in the mirror at the bridal showroom is perhaps a time when things really start to sink in, having your nearest and dearest telling you ‘it’s the one’ and getting your dream wedding dress home can all be very exciting!

Though what will it look like on the day is perhaps a better question? I’ve gathered a selection of styles from the past couple of seasons to let you see who ‘local’ brides are wearing, what’s available to you in the UK and how they look in real life outside of the showroom or magazine pages.

Yes, you can try and be practical thinking about the weather or location and how useful your bridesmaids will be but at the end of the day, it has to be you. A dress that’s comfortable is also very important, does it suit your body shape, will it be heavy or what will it feel like when you sit down for the meal and how will it swing when you’re up on the dance floor boogying the night away!

Please feel free to share this post with friends and brides to be, this may just be the type of info they’ve been looking for, I thank you! Oh, keep an eye for part 2 showing gorgeous back detailed dresses.

bridal gown styles