Be inspired, everybody gets tired

inspirational fitness portrait

Keen to get into the minds of my Fitness clients, this day last year it was my turn to get in front of the camera. A great experience, my body wasn’t ready for it. A year of proper eating and training wasn’t enough. Next year will be my third year and gives me something to aim towards. Be inspired, everybody gets tired.

Sometimes you need to be inspired, everybody gets tired. You may remember at the end of last year I started working by appointment only.  The difference it made has been crucial. The 9-5 approach no longer works in this industry. Not so much the hours, it’s the tie. Expecting to perform your best, while hopping from job to job can only last so long.

Focusing more on the ‘big gigs’ and being able to put ideas into practice have been the big takeaways. In a creative industry, less distraction I find works better. Your somehow able to absorb inspiration better. The mind doesn’t like being trapped, or having barriers. It works for so long before creating a block. You have to see it yourself, no one will see it for you. Or you could be like me and not even know, until it happens.

What’s changed?

My love of weddings and meeting new people has grown immensely, last week I was on the dancefloor joining in the party. Bookings have increased and I’m finding myself shooting in more exclusive locations. Wedding pre-shoots have become the norm and offering USB’s is becoming popular.

pre shoot before wedding

Stunning wedding pre shoots taken at sunset across the North Coast of Ireland.

selfies with brides and grooms

Taking a selfie with the bride and groom is something i need to do more of, they are great to look back on.

wedding venues ireland

Beautiful venues I’ve been shooting at recently include Castle Leslie, Beechill Country House Hotel, Lough Eske Castle and Lissanoure Castle.

wedding venues northern ireland

Inside wedding venues like The Ivory Pavilion, Leighinmohr House Hotel and The Hedges Hotel work great for shots like these.

With so much happening, the past 9 months have flown in. I’ve no idea how I managed previously. That’s my point! 25 years in a photography industry that’s moving at an unprecedented pace, the change has done me the world of good. I’ve had fantastic support from my wife and mother, they’ve been a massive help and thankfully things have turned out great! Be inspired, everybody gets tired.

my two girls, mum and wife

Without these two I’d be lost, Mum and Suzi, I love you!

more time to spend with friends

Working by appointment only and not being around as many people, I now appreciate time with friends even more.


holidays with friends

Sunshine holidays with friends are the best!

I’ve kept the head down for 9 months, it’s flew in. I’ve leased out the ground floor of our premises and a tenant opens up next week! With access still to the floors above, it’s now more private and an ideal working environment.


waterside studio gets new tenant

Delighted to share our Waterside property with another creative business opening next week.

Future plans

Looking ahead, I’m taking a huge step 2019 and jumping into a mirrorless camera system. I’ve a venue want list of places I would love to shoot weddings at. More destination weddings would be awesome and help to feed my travel bug. I still haven’t shot a same sex marriage and I’m starting to feel left out. I’ve had a few Elopements and would be keen to try more, especially on a cliff edge. The portrait sessions will be kicking off again soon and I can’t wait to share them on socials, mainly Facebook.


studio portraits are about to make a comeback

Portrait season is about to make a return, keep an eye on my Facebook Page for more examples.

Please hang around for the journey, exciting times are ahead. I mostly post now on INSTAgram and love the stories feature. If you know anyone having a same sex marriage, flying abroad or getting married on the edge of a cliff, I’m your man. Leighinmohr House HotelKilmore Country House, Ballygally Castle Hotel, Rockhill House Estate and Harry’s Shack, are all on my want list. I so much want to work at these venues, I’ll give my debut bookings an offer they can’t refuse, just mention this post! Thanks to all my fab clients present and past. Be inspired, everybody gets tired. I do it for the love and not for the likes. Peace out!

instagram stories should be inspired, everybody gets tired

Keeping followers updated via INSTA stories.

Be inspired, everybody gets tired

Great weather this year, meant more Fat Biking. Here and in Spain.

earphones have increased my love of music

Game changer – bluetooth earphones have increased my love of music and made podcasts more enjoyable

animals and sights i see en route to the gym each morning

En route to Core Gym each morning I see some wonderful sights.