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The world of photography has changed so much and so fast, its now time for the Modern Photography Studio! The day of brides popping in for a chat when out shopping with mum has come to an end.  Mothers asking about kids portraits when out pushing the pram has stopped.

The modern photography studio, for the most part now lives online. Through social media, websites, blogs and emails our clients have found a new way to research and make enquires. Either from the comfort of their home, commuting to and from their work or when they are at their fav coffee hang out. Since photography is visual and with the rise of addictive technology a heavy online presence is essential for our survival. For this to happen and since there is only one of me, something has to give.

Instead of our studio door being open for walks in, we’ve decided to work by appointment only. No passport or driving license pictures, we’ll be unable to copy and restore old photographs and our framing service will stop. As a trial, closing an extra day in the week made me realise how more productive it is without interruptions. Depending on what your doing even a short five minute interruption can disturb your train of thought for half an hour. Our wedding and portrait clients deserve my 100% attention, creativity and forward thinking to drive our relationship into the future. At least until the internet becomes uncool, right?

To start the process we’ve made reception a little homelier and a slightly more creative functional space. Things that influence me are present in the form of music and books. Our Flavia drinks machine is out front and a kids corner is complete with little toys from my childhood.

inspirational things

Freshened displays showing collections of photographs presented in new mouldings and framed with mounts bring back a touch of class. New software lets the client see their image surrounded with various frame choices, mount colours and finally projected on the wall to make decisions about size simple.

photography wall products software to view photography on photo frames

Our extensive album range offer’s couples a variety of styles and trends. The material swatch box contains 20 swatch packets for a total of nearly 240 actual cover samples! Configured using 3-D software we can give couples confidence to choose colours and fabrics they previously wouldn’t.  Luxurious custom display boxes compliment and store each album like a chest, becoming the showpiece on any coffee table.

wedding album swatch box

What other changes lie ahead for the modern photography studio? As the creative juices flow and until social media becomes uncool or the internet goes out of fashion, this is how we are going to roll. If you want to follow my journey through our social’s and see what the future brings, use these links. You can click here for a full list of what services we provide.

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Thanks for reading and remember “I do it for the love, I don’t do it for the likes”. Still me irie!

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