Lough Eske Castle Wedding – Ali + Gregg

lough eske wedding photos

The big day finally arrived, my little cousin Alison’s wedding. With my Mums sister and Ali being SO kind and inviting her to almost any pre-wedding planning, shopping, nights away and get togethers the buzz for today was immense! Of course a mixture of emotions for various reasons, our grandparents being no longer with us made me feel very sad, knowing how proud and happy they would have been seeing their only granddaughter grow up and marry the man of her dreams.

Gregg sure lives up to that title, from the pre wedding shoot to my Dads funeral I’ve enjoyed his company and looked forward to some wedding day laughs! Ali looked liked she stepped out of a bridal magazine, elegant and radiant the traffic stopped as her and Uncle Robert climbed the steps in the rain of Carlisle Road Church where he is the minister. Ali and Greggs own minister Rev Steve Stockman gave a relaxed address followed by a heartfelt marriage conducted by the brides Dad, briefly interrupted when the Best Man (sorry Thomas) dropped the rings, count how many ‘brow swipes’ you see in the pics below! I’m sure everyone will agree the soundtrack throughout the ceremony was something to behold adding that extra touch and creating an atmosphere that U2 would be proud of, isn’t that right Steve?

It was at beautiful Solis Lough Eske Castle in County Donegal that Thomas would later redeem himself giving a Best Man’s speech that I will always remember. In fact all the speakers were on top form, Ali even gave us a informative run through her side of the story before Gregg got a chance to stand up, a friendly competitiveness which makes them a perfect match for each other! Mum, Suzanne and I thoroughly enjoyed your day, thank you for making us so welcome and involved. We know how busy your lives are but dont forget to ‘swipe right’ and keep in touch.

For the entire gallery of images please visit – http://clients.davisphotography.info/2016/Coleraine/LoughEskeCastleWedding