Fitness Physique Photography

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So I have combined my love of fitness and photography and started to add Fitness Photography to my portfolio. I’ve been shooting fitness physique photography mostly at our Coleraine Studio and on location thanks to  Atlas Gym and Energie.

The hard work, dedication and effort people put in can be remarkable. Classes, training sessions, day in day out, ultimately becoming part of a routine and keeping you healthy. You start following fitness professionals inspiring you with workouts, diets or recipes keeping you fascinated with their fitness physique photography.

Some people stick at one pace, others want to see improvements. Depending where you sit you might find yourself looking in the mirror. Maybe even getting the phone out, the lighting right and taking the odd selfie to record progress your own style of Fitness Physique Photography.

Since exercise is such a big thing, i started to see friends on social media posting selfies of themselves. If they could see themselves through the eyes of a photographer they would appreciate better the progress they’ve made.

It inspired me to build a portfolio of fitness physic photography offering people a way of rewarding themselves for their achievements. A way of visually recording their progress allowing them to have a record of how they looked at that point.

Images are delivered as digital files so you can keep them inside your camera roll for a little inspiration. Print them out as a gift for a loved one or start sharing them with friends on social media, the choice is yours.

If you would like to set a goal, get in touch via our contact form and I can forward details along with some great pre-shoot advice. Keep an eye out here and on social media platforms for other Fitness Physique Photography shoots completed recently.

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