Core Gym SOTF

Core Gym members

Starting 2018 working more off site and away from Waterside, I relocated gyms and joined Core Gym. The move’s been great and I’ve enjoyed making so many new friends and seeing old ones.

Core Gym has a great social aspect and one of the calendar highlights is their Survival Of The Fittest challenge. The brain child of Dean Rainey, the event has been running now for 3 years. Not brave enough to enter (alongside a dodgy hip), this year I decided to bring along a camera to record some of the action.

Starting with 8:30am registration to the final round after 2pm, a great atmosphere and positive spirit lasted throughout the day. I like training weights and knowing what sets I have ahead of me. These guys hadn’t a clue, not a notion, the first two events weren’t even held at the Gym!

I would like to say a massive well done to everyone who took part, especially my wife. Her second year entering and she came away with second place! Well done babe, a great achievement in what has been branded as the toughest year yet! I’ve also just heard there’s a charity team event planned for later this year. Consisting of either male male female or female female male teams, your boy here could be up for that!

If your interested in some Fitness Photography, or would like to know how I got into it, follow these links. Meantime if you featured in the video and would images, just comment below and I’ll hit you up! One love!