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Fitness Photography Northern Ireland

Be inspired, everybody gets tired

inspirational fitness portrait

Keen to get into the minds of my Fitness clients, this day last year it was my turn to get in front of the camera. A great experience, my body wasn’t ready for it. A year of proper eating and training wasn’t enough. Next year will be my third year and gives me something to […]

Core Gym SOTF

Core Gym members

Starting 2018 working more off site and away from Waterside, I relocated gyms and joined Core Gym. The move’s been great and I’ve enjoyed making so many new friends and seeing old ones. Core Gym has a great social aspect and one of the calendar highlights is their Survival Of The Fittest challenge. The brain […]

Fitness Physique Photography

male fitness model

So I have combined my love of fitness and photography and started to add Fitness Photography to my portfolio. I’ve been shooting fitness physique photography mostly at our Coleraine Studio and on location thanks to  Atlas Gym and Energie. The hard work, dedication and effort people put in can be remarkable. Classes, training sessions, day in day out, […]