Bridal Shoes

shoes for brides on their wedding day

I know the type of obsession some girls have about their shoes, in fact my wife might agree that I too am a little obsessed. Different pairs for certain outfits, some for wet weather others for dry, some you’ve worn only once and some you’ve kept for years! Of course some are for comfort and others… well, lets face it ,aren’t.  But you know you’re going to rock the heck out of them anyway because they are just too darn cool not too!

When it comes to wedding shoes the variety I have seen in recent years has been pretty spectacular and yes, they may be covered by your dress for the most part of the day, unless you’re ultra hip and wearing a shorter bridal dress, but who cares? You know you’re wearing them, those close to you are a little jealous you’re wearing them and let’s face it, you’re always going to have them to wear again… so of course they were worth the investment! And if you opt to have a storybook style album, these days who doesn’t? Then, I’m pretty sure the photographer will be at your house on the wedding morning to capture not only the madness of all that’s going on but also all those beautiful little details, like your shoes, that make a lovely start to your fairytale storybook wedding album.

And finally, one funny little thing I noticed, before you start browsing the Jimmy Choos of the wedding world, when I came across brides who had chosen to walk up the aisle in the same pair, out of curiosity I checked to see what style of wedding album they had selected, guess what? Yea, they both opted for the same style, similar tastes or what?!

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