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Salthouse Hotel North Coast hideaway

hotel in ballycastle

Salthouse Hotel North Coast hideaway in the hills above Ballycastle. Overlooking Fairhead, it feels like the entire world is hidden round the corner. We checked in after Sunday lunch for an amazing 24 hours. Daylight floods through the buildings, open and spacey with a very calm private vibe. Laid back and casual The Salthouse Hotel […]

Be inspired, everybody gets tired

inspirational fitness portrait

Keen to get into the minds of my Fitness clients, this day last year it was my turn to get in front of the camera. A great experience, my body wasn’t ready for it. A year of proper eating and training wasn’t enough. Next year will be my third year and gives me something to […]

Core Gym SOTF

Core Gym members

Starting 2018 working more off site and away from Waterside, I relocated gyms and joined Core Gym. The move’s been great and I’ve enjoyed making so many new friends and seeing old ones. Core Gym has a great social aspect and one of the calendar highlights is their Survival Of The Fittest challenge. The brain […]

Northern Ireland wedding inspiration

wedding planning advice ireland

Did you say ‘yes’ over the Christmas holiday or New Year period? Ready for some fab Northern Ireland wedding inspiration? Over 8000 weddings in Northern Ireland every year, now’s the time to ‘set the date’ and bring your’s to life. So many things to factor in, a little sparkler on a band of metal can […]

Modern Photography Studio

high street photography studio

The world of photography has changed so much and so fast, its now time for the Modern Photography Studio! The day of brides popping in for a chat when out shopping with mum has come to an end.  Mothers asking about kids portraits when out pushing the pram has stopped. The modern photography studio, for the […]

‘First Look’ Horse lover wedding

a bride who loves horses

Debut ‘first look’ is a Horse lover wedding with Farmer’s daughter Louise stepping out to sneak up on Fiance. Peter lives across the road, this moment couldn’t have happened anywhere else, especially with the horses alongside. On the farm Dad’s collection of vintage tractors were great props with vibrant colours. The location itself, the overcast […]

Fitness Physique Photography

male fitness model

So I have combined my love of fitness and photography and started to add Fitness Photography to my portfolio. I’ve been shooting fitness physique photography mostly at our Coleraine Studio and on location thanks to  Atlas Gym and Energie. The hard work, dedication and effort people put in can be remarkable. Classes, training sessions, day in day out, […]

Bride travels 3 counties in Vintage Mustang

two petrol heads get married

Its the textbook romance, she takes her car to his garage for repairs, not only do they both have a shared love for cars but they discover a love for each other! So when they decide to get married, you know the theme must be cars right, yeah a true petrol head wedding. Well, in […]

Feeling Supersonic – Cathie and Stuarts wedding

weddings in coleraine

When you’ve found someone that you want to spend the rest of your life with, your best friend, your rock, your soulmate…. it’s time to put a ring on it, set a date, invite your friends and family and walk down the aisle as Mr & Mrs. Thats how Cathie and Stuart did it, a […]

The Bride and Groom set the tone… Kerry & Andrew.

When asked to photograph a couple on their wedding day we feel very privileged to be amongst their friends and family to help celebrate their marriage. And being in the business we notice trends, styles, various emotions and behaviours that take place. Something that I’ve picked up on recently is the atmosphere and how it […]