Northern Ireland Wedding Photographer : Caroline & Bilgisay

When long time family friends have a wedding it’s such a pleasure to be asked to join them on their special day, as a guest and in a working capacity. The adorable Wilson twins, as they are known to a lot of people, have been great musical advocates in this area and loyal supporters of local businesses, they light up the place with their presence!

I’m sure when Sandras daughter Caroline announced her engagement, mum wasn’t the only one who was excited! You can just tell that who ever was marrying the twins only child, was sure to be given the once over with a very fine comb!

So it was no surprise when I was first introduced to Bilgilsay, that this guy had class. Tall, dark and handsome every time I met him, at work or outside of work he was immaculately dressed from head to toe with such a genuine and I mean genuine personality, you could literally spend hours talking to him.

And don’t even get me started about how cute their daughter Ela is…. OH MY GOODNESS!!! ……That is all, scroll down and see for yourselves.

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Vendors included – The Royal Court Hotel Portrush & Mr Rodd Hogg The Magician.