Marquee Weddings Coleraine – Leanne + Chris

weddings at home

When you find it hard to choose a suitable wedding venue and if it’s possible, why not build a marquee, hire a catering company and have it at your home. Thats exactly what Leanne and Chris decided to do and it went down a treat. Yes, it took a lot of manpower to prep the area, long hours working out the logistics and plenty of patience waiting to see what the results will look like, though all very worth it in the end.

Being able to entertain guests on arrival inside the house with a cool little 3 piece band playing on the staircase, kids roaming freely and everyone getting a chance to speak with the newlyweds helped make the day SO relaxed. A group photo of everyone and it was time to enter the white carpeted Marquee, bubbles and laughter filled the air complete with the soft tones of a harpist as the speeches got under way.

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