Limavady Weddings – Amy + Jason

wedding at roe park resort limavady

With Autumn well under way a civil ceremony inside Roe Park Resort was an ideal location for Amy and Jason’s wedding.  A subtle hint of a sheep theme carried it’s way throughout the day, reminding me of Jason’s line of business, though not just ordinary sheep he deals in Suffolk Sheep.

Rain filled the Limavady skyline all day though no one seemed to mind as we enjoyed the cosiness of the Roe Park Suite for the couples relaxed wedding ceremony. Guests were greeted with hugs and handshakes as they walked down the aisle leaving for refreshments in the main hotel foyer.

As tea time got closer we managed to get outside for one or two photos before guests were welcomed into the dining room for diner and a taste of the fantastic wedding cake that sat mid centre, beautifully decorated it even smelt the part never mind looking the part!

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  1. Mary Mccurdy says:

    Beautifully captured. Great day at wedding. Nice to see all my decorations and touches made specifically for Amy and Jason were picked up so beautifully by you.

    • Paul Davis says:

      Thanks for your kind words Mary, feel free to share the blog post on your business page etc.

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