Helicopter, Time Travel, Door of Thrones, and Superheroes!

Some things we plan, some things just happen and some things surprise us, Emma and David’s wedding day was all about the above. From meeting the guys at David’s house in the morning I knew everyone was up for a laugh, especially his Dad. Busting out of their shirts these superheroes couldn’t wait to get the day underway and see what powerful things would unfold.

Unfold they did, after a joyous ceremony in Limavady the bride and groom were treated to a Helicopter trip around the North Coast on route to their reception at The Redcastle Oceanfront Golf & Spa Hotel in County Donegal. Before taking off we paid a swift visit to their local pub Frank Owens Bar in Limavady where David got to pour the newlyweds their first drink as Mr & Mrs. As the stout was settling I took some pictures of Emma beside the intricately carved door nestled in the heart of this cosy Pub. Carefully crafted from trees that fell at The Dark Hedges, ten of these ‘Door of Thrones’ pieces have been scattered across Game of Thrones territory by Tourism Ireland to help promote the GoT campaign, a real honour for Owen’s pub and its locals.

Making sure I didnt miss their arrival at Redcastle Hotel, in a ‘Top Gear’ style the race against me and the helicopter was on and luckily I made it in time to hear the copter blades chop through the stillness waterside at Lough Foyle. It wasnt long before we were time warped Back to The Future in Doc Brown’s DeLorean time machine, a love of Davids the car was in mint condition and made a great photo opp for guests.

After a busy day, it was time for cake! Keeping in the tradition of surprises you know it’s not going to be your average cake… well, not from the back anyway. Yes, the first ever wedding cake I’ve seen with a hidden reverse… tiered superhero symbols unveiled by pealed back icing made this cake really amazing. Hats off to Alico Crafts in Coleraine for such an impressive display, with such great detail it looked too good to be eaten, though you know we had too!

For the entire gallery of images please follow this link after Saturday 20th May – http://clients.davisphotography.info/2017/Weddings/RedcastleHotel/n-qxMVGP/

wedding themes

bride arrives with her dad

bride and groom together

Frank Owens bar in Limavady

bride and groom arrive in helicopter

The DeLorean DMC-12

wedding cake